Permanent Residence As Canada’s Plan To Admit More Than One Million Immigrants

Canada plans to admit more than one million additional immigrants, who will then reside as permanent residents in Canada. Canada wants to stimulate this wave of immigration over the next three years. By way of illustration, the Canadian government’s Provincial Nominee Program is an economic immigration agreement designed to ensure the free movement of immigrants who wish to settle in Canada.

The Canadian government

The Canadian government wants to improve the key conditions for the introduction of foreign immigrants to Canada. In addition to employment contracts, documents on the immigrant’s business and marital status, a business that hires immigrants must demonstrate a number of facts. Immigrants must, therefore, clarify certain details for the Canadian authorities.

One of the facts that immigrants must demonstrate, for example, is that their immigration meets the legally required criteria.

Canadian companies

If a Canadian company wants to hire a foreigner, the employer who wants to hire them must ensure that the immigrant is qualified for the position offered. The Canadian employer must also offer him a salary corresponding to his diploma and his professional experience. Because of past economic problems in many countries and the fact that companies favour international work experience, working in Canada is an important goal for many immigrants.

Canada wants to make it easier

Canada wants to help immigrants better understand all the rights and procedures of foreign workers. Likewise, scientists and researchers are among those who are encouraged to apply for an immigration permit to live in Canada. Canada will continue to increase its current immigration levels to maintain its high national standard of living.

The Canadian government wants to facilitate the obtaining of a visa for immigrants, a document authorizing an immigrant to enter Canada. In general, this visa is something that immigrants can apply for at the embassy in the immigrant’s country of origin, and they will have to wait after applying for the right to immigrate. I should also point out that an immigrant who wants to live in Canada has a special status different from that of immigrants who may want to emigrate to other countries.

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