USA Travel Guide – Visa Categories you can use to Immigrate to the USA

Visas for travellers (B visa) is part of the non-immigrant Visa. Thanks to this type of visa, you can come to the United States to work (B-1) or Anand (B-2). Customers who have a visa cannot work in the United States.

Study visa.
Student visas include F-1 and M1. The F-1 visa is reserved for students after completion of program full-time study or study at a school or university in the U.s. or M-1 visa, also known as service non-academic. Or just for students learning in the study “professional”. Vocational training of education teaching includes the study of mechanics, technical education, cooking courses, language programs, aviation school, or the beautification program.

Work permit.
National has the nationality of friendship, trade or agreement shipping with the United States to conduct the critical behaviour between the United States and if

In my country, they have bilateral investment to investment or development, a contract or agreement with the United States and the United States to guide trade.

You can get an H-1B visa if you are applying for a job when you come to the United States to work professionally. There has been an officer in the United States or the foreign company want to create an office to transfer a manager or managers or experts to the United States through visas, L-1.

You can show extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business or sports and work temporarily with the remarkable talent of you.

Visa classification Tamil Nadas are reserved for citizens of Canada and Mexico who are eligible to apply for a work visa under NAFTA, NAFTA is The convention on international trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Receive a diploma or professional certificate from a foreign organization after high school, and you can still qualify if you do not have a certificate if you have five years of practical experience relevant outside of the United States for at least one-year work experience.

Visa family.
Visa category K-1 provides an alternative to the process of marriage visas for participants. The student visa allows the children of wife or husband, V-1 / V-2, and lawful permanent residents (GREEN CARD holders) into the United States without waiting for the number of an immigrant visa. As soon as you still become legal residents (Green Card holders), you abide by all of America and have the right to obtain citizenship within a year to three years. After you become green card holders, that depends on whether you are married to Americans or not.

You become a permanent resident. You will be granted American citizenship. After you become a green card, you have the right to receive citizen of the year, or three years, depending on whether you marry a United States citizen.

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